Exterior stairs are an integral part of functionality and curb appeal on your home. Walkways and stairs are often remodeled at the same time. Doing so is wise, as the size and the layout of both your stairs and walkway typically coordinate. Remodeling your stairs and walkway together is the best value. It saves you hundreds of dollars, and will also ensure you get the best possible design. If necessary, we can split these two projects into two phases.

Schedule a Stair Review Appointment

Schedule a quick and easy appointment for us to inspect your stairs. It’s best if you are home to meet with us, but if you are unavailable, we can review the stairs on our own. Many times, even sending us a few photos and a brief description of what you hope to do is enough for us to put together a close estimate for your stairs before we meet.

We have two common approaches to remodeling stairs. If the structural integrity is compromised, we demolish the stairs down to the foundation and completely rebuild them. If the structure is sound, we may be able to do an overlay or build new steps around the old ones, reducing the overall cost. The cost of stairs vary greatly, so it is best to schedule an appointment for us to see the stairs. This also gives us the opportunity to learn about what you’re looking for to accomplish the remodel.

Pricing & Timelines

Commonly, stair remodels can cost anywhere between $3,500 – $8,000. It is possible some remodels can cost more or less depending on the size and style of stairs required. Stair repairs typically cost anywhere between $350 – $1,200. Repairs are often completed in about 1-2 days. Remodels or rebuilds typically take about 3-5 days. If you would like railings, they are not included in these prices. We do not install railings.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Solid, Beautiful Front Steps

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“Mike was great. He always kept me in the loop on the progress of the project and I never felt like he was rushing his work.” Read More

A Trustworthy Source for Masonry

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“I am truly pleased with the finished product and it was completed on time with the highest standards. Mike followed up on all of my requests and was prompt in providing preliminary drawings and quotes.” Read More

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“The design work Mike did in advance was very professional and helped identify issues prior to construction. The actual construction was done quickly, professionally, of high quality, and, most importantly, looks great.” Read More

Thrilled with the Results

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“Working with Michael was wonderful! We went back and forth a bit on the design and Michael always had suggestions and ideas. We are thrilled with the results!” Read More

It Looks Fantastic

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“Mike completed the job as promised and it looks fantastic. We’re very pleased and will contact him again for another stone project.” Read More

Pleased with the Workmanship

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“My wife and I are very pleased with the workmanship of Mike. He is very prompt with his time lines and accurate with his price quotes. We already have him hired for our next masonry project.” Read More

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